About Us

We at Unbutton are a homegrown brand that make affordable clothing for the women of today. Our focus is using the best quality fabrics, relaxed tailoring that are suitable for the Indian body keeping in mind trendy details from the runway while making the our styles comfortable, wearable and functional.

We aim to dress women in garments that make them feel confident, empowered, and feminine. We proudly source all are fabrics from the best local markets creating silhouettes that look and feel great on Indian bodies, the versatility of which makes the garments a perfect choice no matter what day or occasion.


About the Founder:

Unbutton is the brainchild of Richa Mehta, a stylist by profession and a graduate of London College of Fashion. After working for years in the Fashion industry and helping multiple people with their shopping experiences she realized a gap in the market of garments that are affordable, but still have high fashion elements while using fabrics comfortable and wearable enough for the Indian woman. Her eye for trends and selection of fabrics create silhouettes which are a perfect balance for style and comfort.